wax melt drops

melt & breathe in ~

available in any of our exclusive scent blends ~

for a flameless fragrance or to sample candle scents ~

beeswax is a natural air purifier, producing negative ions


hand poured

bespokesque blend of natural coconut soy wax & organic beeswax

80g ~ $12

220g ~ $28

how to use:

  1. place drops into the wax melter basin
  2. turn on the wax melter on or light the tealight
  3. breathe in…
  4. turn off the wax melter or extinguish the tealight when desired
  5. re-melt again & again
  6. when the scent has faded remove the wax (melt it a little to make it easier) ~ make sure the melter is turned off / the tealight is not lit
  7. add fresh drops & relight
  8. breathe in…

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