massage candle

wild orchid + sandalwood

yielding to a love

that knows no limit

i shall go to him by night

for the world does not yet censure

those who treat the path of dreams

ono no komachi


hand poured

bespokesque blend of natural coconut soy wax & cocoa butter

wooden wick

golden metal heart shaped tin

22 hours burn time (approx)


how to use:

  1. light the wick
  2. wait for a small melt pool to develop – just enough wax for use
  3. extinguish the flame
  4. wait for the melt pool to cool just enough – test a drop on your inner wrist to check the temperature is safe
  5. pour the melted wax into your hands or directly on the skin
  6. massage as desired…

melt my heart...

  • melt & breathe in ~ available in any of our exclusive scent blends ~ for a flameless fragrance or to sample candle scents ~ beeswax is a natural air purifier, producing negative ions


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