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where else can your candles be bought

bespokesque is primarily an ecommerce store, however we do occasionally attend market days & other events. follow our insta or facebook to get a heads up & see what else we’re up to, as well as find out any local stores with bespokesque on the shelves.

for wholesale / store enquiries to stock bespokesque candles talk with us about partnering together.

at this time bespokesque is only available within australia.

do you make one-off requests

short answer – no.

candle making is equal parts art & science. every candle produced is the result of testing, experimentation, & time.

to make a single custom order, to make it well, requires the same extensive process for a one-off result – it’s just not feasible.

the nature of bespokesque candles is uniquely scented artisan creations that take months to develop & curate.

you won’t find a standard vanilla or jasmine candle here.

nor will you find a graveyard dirt, motor oil, mushroom, radish, or dupe of a well-known candle brand (some of the less common & very common custom requests we’ve seen – yes, really!).

do you give away free samples

short answer – again, no.

businesses often receive requests for free products in exchange for promotion or reviews. whether you’ve got 10 followers or 1,000,000 we want you to have the same opportunity to purchase our creations & to share your opinion because of your own unbiased experience, not because the product was free.

any review you read about bespokesque, you can be confident it has not been bought or influenced.

what's your return policy

your happiness is important to us, we know ordering online can be tricky especially for something based on scent.

if you’re not 100% in love with your new candle, we offer one free exchange for a different scent within 30 days of purchase, on the condition the candle is returned in original condition without ever being lit & in the original product packaging. any additional exchanges due to change of mind will incur a postage & handling fee.

if your candle is lost or damaged during delivery or established to be defective you will be offered the choice of either a replacement, store credit, or a refund, pending return of the candle at no cost to you. notification & evidence of lost or damaged products must be received within 30 days of purchase.

if your order is not correct when it arrives, we’re sorry for the inconvenience – we’re human & sometime despite all efforts mistakes happen. talk with us asap so we can apologise for the error & rectify it quickly, at no cost to you.

if you have not followed the candle care instructions included with your candle, we will not offer any replacement or refund, & we are not liable for any damage to the candle, person, or property that may occur from any candle misuse.

take care of your candle & your candle will take care of you.

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