about our candles

bespokesque artisan candles are created

for the purest natural experience

with high quality products,

eco friendly packaging,

& sustainable practices


designed & manufactured in australia

purely natural coconut & soy wax for the best burn & scent

smooth & creamy

no hidden nasties ~ no paraffin, additives, or preservatives added

vegan friendly

(excluding wax melt drops which contain a small amount of beeswax)

all candles hand poured in small batches


natural wooden wicks

supplied using safe and sustainable forestry practices

from mills that have fsc certification


high quality artisan fragrance oils

collected from around the globe

the finest raw materials to create authentic & exclusive scents

all fragrances are phthalate-free

some fragrances are delicate & soft, others are stronger – scent is subjective, what one person loves another doesn’t – check out our return policy if you don’t love your candle scent

if you notice your candle “loses” it’s scent after a while, you may have become nose blind – that is, your nose is designed to not notice everyday scents & your candle has become a part of your household scent that our noses ignore – the good news is it’s not permanent (& your candle still has it’s scent), try resting the candle for a while & burn a new scent, or google other remedies people use to find one that works for you


vegetable based dye

candles may fade or change colour over time, especially if exposed to sunlight – some chandlers add chemicals to the wax to reduce this, however due to our efforts to keep candles as natural as possible some colour change is unavoidable

candle containers

created specifically for candles using moulded glass, rather than hand blown, resulting in a thicker wall which is safer & stronger

containers can be cleaned & upcycled


low-to-no single use plastic

biodegradable & recyclable materials whenever possible

even our sticky tape is kraft paper & recyclable


your candle will arrive with a candle care card – this is very important as it outlines what your candle needs to give you the best & safest experience

take care of your candle & your candle will take care of you

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